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“Oh, my name is Belinda; I’m Miranda’s sister. The resemblance is there, isn’t it?” Belinda raises a hand to her cheek and tests it with her fingers. “Not so much that others can’t tell us apart, but still distinct. Yes, she’s my sister, as… ah… impulsive as she is.”


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Belinda Dog-morph Female Unknown Miranda (Sister) Unknown Unknown


The dobie woman who enters the booth is… well, not quite Miranda, but close enough. There’s the same cut of the face, chin and muzzle, those striking green eyes, but other than that… no, they’re not the same person, but very definitely related. Perhaps a cousin, close enough to be a sibling if you squint and look at her from the right angle. Clad in a simple peasant’s shift, she holds a glass in her hands; the prim, proper bun she’s done her hair into, coupled with her serious expression and beginnings of wrinkles about her eyes, leads you to guess that she’s probably in her early or mid-thirties, with a life of hard work behind her.

Neither is she built like Miranda - there’s a softer feel about her, although considering Miranda, that isn’t saying much - a little shorter, not obviously so but enough one to notice if one thinks about it.

“You’re a new face.”

Odd. There’s something about the dobie’s voice - deep and husky - that doesn’t quite mesh with her appearance, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.



Belinda is a curvaceous female dobermorph who works at The Shadow Lady Brothel in Rigard. Secretly, she is an agent of the Outlaws, spying on the nobles for them through her work. She is also Miranda's estranged sister.


Belinda is a planned character that the player will be able to interact with once Alder has developed her more. She will be one of the elite whores at the Rigard Brothel, and also a contact/agent for the outlaws.

She will be the subject of her own mini-quest in the second act, which will also double as Miranda's recruitment quest.

At the moment, she only has one appearance; a player who is building ties with the outlaws will be sent to deliver a letter from Zenith to her at the Spitting Lion Inn.