Shadow Lady

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Rigard Brothel


The main area of the Shadow Lady is a large open room, two stories high. In stark contrast with the city outside, the interior of the brothel is like a lush oasis of luxury; brilliantly colored cushions of rich cloth piled on divans and couches. An assortment of customers and concubines lounge in the room, talking to each other in smaller groups, or pursuing other forms of entertainment.

Dominating the hall is a large stage for performers to show off their assets. A number of second story balconies give the richer clientele a nice overview of the hall, in addition to allowing for some measure of privacy.

Near the back of the hall, you can see a set of stairs leading up to the second floor, where the rooms that house the brothel’s main business are located. Another set of stairs leads down to the basement.


How To Get Here


  • Bouncer
    • A large sharkman built like a brick is standing near the entrance, keeping a keen eye on the customers. With a bouncer like that, you’d be surprised if anyone ever attempts to start anything in here.
  • Lucille
    • Wanders the hall, starting conversations here and there, inserting her charm to subtly urge the customers to spends more, and settling deals, employing her concubines.
  • Roa
    • A petitely built feminine rabbit-morph is over near the corner, lounging amongst the pillows on a plush couch. He casts a hopeful eye toward any potential customers.

Themed Rooms

  • The Cat Dynasty: Experience life through the eyes of a young feline chosen by the fates to saddle the mantle of godhood. As the goddess of love, Lady Bastet, how will your judgement change the lives of your adoring worshippers?

The poster shows a sultry, dark-skinned cat-morph reclining on a dias, fanned by her priestesses. Bastet seems to be a hermaphrodite with quite... impressive assets. The poster notes that each use is 250 coins.

  • Birth of a Kingdom: Travel back to the dawn of time, when the world and its people were wild and untamed. Witness the rise of a civilization as seen through the eyes of both its founders!

/Warning: Each time you use this room you will slowly turn into a gryphon /

The poster depicts two gryphon-morphs: a muscle-bound, scarred male with a tribal, bestial air about him, and his very pregnant mate in his arms. Both are scantily clad, wearing little more than loincloths and leathers, and set against a backdrop of a lush, tropical valley. The poster notes that each use is 200 coins.

  • Under the Dragon’s Claw: Live the life of Fireblossom, a princess brought low by her draconic conquerors. Experience the might of a dragon, first-hand!

There is a pale and incredibly beautiful young woman with long blonde hair on the poster. She’s completely nude, her naughty bits covered up by an immense serpentine tail that envelops her body possessively. The poster notes that each use is 250 coins.