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“My name is Roa. I haven’t been here very long, to be honest. So I’m still adjusting, but I’ll try my best to fulfill any desire you got,” he smiles again.


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Roa Lagomorph Male Unknown Lagon (Father), Vena (Mother), Ophelia (Sister) Unknown Alder


As you make your way through the crowds and couches, you’re able to get a better look at the bunny. She’s a dainty little thing, as you’d expect a rabbit-morph to be; petitely built, but feminine, and covered in pink-tinged white fur. Her hair is long and kind of messy, falling forward over beautiful baby-blue eyes, but it’s an interesting sort of disheveled look.

Close enough, you realize that this is no bunny-girl... it’s a bunny-boy. Though you had initially thought him to be a flat-chested girl, the tightness of the clothes he’s wearing - little more than an array of straps and patches of brown leather - reveals his fundamental masculinity. The fact it’s crotchless and exposes his not so little dick, pink and jutting against his girly thighs, certainly doesn’t hurt.



Currently, Roa has only two sexual scenes.

Players with a real cock may choose the Fuck Him option, where they will anally penetrate the bunnyboi - much to his delight, as a buttslight.

Players with a vagina may choose the Vaginal option, where they allow him to penetrate them. This is a dual-orgasm scene, with the player having the option to choose whether he cums inside or outside with each orgasm; Roa does not use protection, so allowing him to cum inside risks a Pregnancy with lagomorph babies. Allowing him to cum inside twice greatly increases the likelihood of fertilization.

Players who only have a vagina can, in addition to the Vaginal option, ask for the Ultra-Real Strap-on, allowing them to experience the Fuck Him option as well.


Search For The Scepter - Roa is in part of this quest.