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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Lagon Lagomorph Male Monarch, Dethroned Monarch (optionally) Vena (Wife), Ophelia (Daughter), Roa (Son) Unknown Alder


Lagon is king of the lagomorphs. He rules from his throne deep within the Burrows. His subject follow him out of fear, respect, or just plain sexual desire.



In the middle of the hall, a large - if somewhat ramshackle - throne of wood, stone, and metal stands. Reclining on it, looking rather bored, is the most athletic lagomorph you’ve yet to see in the burrows. Significantly taller than the average rabbit, he is about the height of a regular human. There doesn’t seem to be an ounce of fat on his body, only wiry sinews and perfectly toned muscles.

“Now, what do we have here?” he drawls.The self-proclaimed king of the rabbits - Lagon, if you recall correctly - has a deep, rumbling voice. His sharp, cruel eyes glow red in the flickering light of the roaring flames, locked on you as if on a tasty morsel. You squirm a bit uncomfortably. Rabbits are herbivores, right?

Monster Form

Lagon boss.png

“Hah… this was the most useful of your discoveries, my dear daughter,” he gasps, wielding a potion in one of his paws. “The rest of your garbage you can keep, but with this, I achieve ultimate power!” With that, Lagon downs the flask in one fell swoop, his body convulsing as the transformation begins.

Even the royal guards take a fearful step backwards as their king transforms into a hulking giant; a muscular monster that make the brutes of his army look like school children. A raging fire burns in the mutant’s eyes; seeking nothing but the destruction of all his enemies. Between his legs flops a dick the size of a tree trunk, supported by balls the size of coconuts.

With a wordless cry, the monster springs toward you, sweeping his own guards out of the way as if they were mere motes of dust. You barely have time to brace yourself before the enraged king throws himself at you.



Lagon's history is unclear, for obvious reasons. He and Vena were originally relatively mindless and feral lagomorphs, a mated pair who chanced upon a long-lost magical scepter. Exposure to the scepter's energies made them undergo an evolution, triggering a startling advancement in their mental development to human-like levels of intelligence. Taking this scepter as a sacred artifact, the two began breeding in what would be the burrows, spawning litters that, whilst generally less intelligent than they were (Ophelia and Roa being the two most notable exceptions), were still far smarter than the rest of their distant relatives. With their litters incestuously breeding amongst themselves, and occasionally with their parents, the burrows began to grow into the tribal society it is today.

But this was not enough for Lagon. Subtly supporting his daughter Ophelia's experiments with alchemy, he used this to coax her into unwittingly poisoning her mother with a powerful bimbofication tonic. With Vena reduced to a mindless fuck-machine, he placed her in a large chamber he dubbed "the pit", which became the lagomorphic communal sex room, where he and her sons would keep her and her daughters constantly pregnant and churning out new additions to their ever-growing family.

Now, Lagon hopes to one day turn his progeny into a mighty, all-conquering army, crushing Eden under his heel and dominating the world.


Arrogant and power-hungry, Lagon has allowed his title of "King Rabbit" to go to his head and then some. He lusts for power, determined to conquer and control all around him; his aggressively domineering attitude in the bedroom is but an extension of this drive. Although apparently once a good father and a loving spouse, he is now abusive and cruel, caring only about power and sating his eternal lust.

Information of Note

As dominant as Lagon acts, deep down, he has a very strong submissive streak and has always secretly desired to be fucked by big, thick, messy cocks; his son Roa didn't get his tastes from nowhere. However, Lagon's arrogance prevents him from admitting that side of himself. If he is overthrown, the player can use the scepter to temporarily bring out Lagon's true feelings, making him both apologetic for what he has done and an avid buttslut, eager to get stuffed by the player, one of his children, or his wife.




Choosing to assault when you first meet Lagon in response to your rough treatment will anger the king. Lagon will force Ophelia's mouth down on his cock roughly and caution the PC that continued aggressive behavior will be met by a similar fate. The PC's only option is to back down and hear out the Job request.


When battling he has three of his children to fight with him and shield him from the PC's attacks. Their levels range between 2-7. The best way to beat him are attacks that bypass defenses. Losing to Lagon is an instant Game Over, so be careful!

  • His Lv 16/8 Hp: 2697 Sp: 1080 Lust MAX: 1062

After beating him the first time, Ophelia will rush you out of the Burrows and beg you to find her little brother Roa who has her father's scepter. She asks you not to return until you have it as the scepter is key to defeating Lagon permanently.

Fight Again

You have the option of returning to the Burrow without the scepter and fighting him again, and again if you want to.

His second appearance is similar to his first, except that after defeating him again Lagon chugs a berserker potion, turning him into an incredibly powerful enemy second only to the Drake, possessing 5,400 health. However, during the fight with Lagon's berserker form, he is unaccompanied by his children, meaning that any player that has a powerful party of four and manages to keep them all conscious until then has a fair chance of defeating him, though it may be a close battle. Tactics that worked against Lagon before may be applied here again, though the main strategy remains "Take him out before he finishes your party".

Lagon Defeated

After Lagon's defeat at the player's hand, Ophelia orders the present bunny soldiers to hold him down while she feeds him another potion. This second mixture reduces Lagon to nothing more than a withered shadow of his former self, and, with Lagon so weakened, Ophelia orders him be chained until they can dispense the proper justice for his past crimes. Only after retrieving the Scepter and restoring Vena to her former self can the player punish Lagon.

After Vena has been restored, the player can suggest they discuss Lagon's punishment. Vena will reject suggestions to exile him, experiment on him, or especially to kill him, leaving only one choice; a humiliating public fucking, and then house arrest in a quiet corner of the burrows. With the decision made, a player can either fuck Lagon's ass themselves as his children watch (requires a penis or strap-on), or watch Vena do it.

If the player chooses to fuck Lagon themselves, the player will first lube themselves up by fucking Vena's pussy - with the option to cum into Vena first, if their cock is real - and then buggers Lagon, forcing two climaxes from the former anal virgin. Players who have a real cock and a very high Libido score will get the option to fuck him a second time, after he slips and falls after his initial fucking.

If Vena fucks Lagon, the player will have the option to determine if she cums inside of Lagon's ass, or if she pulls out and gives him a drenching with her voluminous climax.

Overthrown Lagon

Once overthrown, Lagon can be visited from the Throne Room of the Burrows. The player can either fuck the defiant ex-king, talk to him, or use the Scepter to bring out his buried "nice guy" side for a different take on the options. Currently, only anally penetrating Lagon in his normal or submissive states is available.


  • Blowjob (If you try to finger him, he will fuck you)
  • Get fucked

If you have beaten Lagon

  • Fuck him (Normal Lagon or Submissive Lagon)