Breeding Bunnies

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Help Ophelia with her alchemical experiments in the Burrows. You are not sure this is really a good idea, but Lagon promised to pay you handsomely for your services.



Bring Ophelia cactoids from the desert
  • Search the Desert to acquire three cactoids.

Bring Ophelia gol husks from the forest
  • Search Forest to acquire three gol husks.

Bring Ophelia red algae from the lake
  • Search Lake to acquire three red algae.


General Rewards

Whenever you return with any of the samples that Opelia requested, Ophelia will escort you to Lagon to present her newest creation. Lagon will offer to give you Gold, Sex, or the choice between one of three sexual enhancer potions (Virility, Fertility, Breeder) as a reward. You may only choose a given potion once, so you could only use the three deliveries to take all three potions.

Special Scenes

Each time that an ingredient is returned, you will see a special scene between Ophelia and her parents. The order in which you return with the ingredients does not matter, only whether it is the first, second or third time you have brought Ophelia what she needs.

  • First Time
    • Lagon reveals his intent to "expedite" the introduction of the serum's traits to his brood by feeding the concentrated dose Ophelia presents him with to Vena.

  • Second Time
    • Ophelia tries to talk Lagon into just giving her more research assistants instead of forcibly mutating her brood-mare mother. When Lagon grows angry with her "presumptuousness", the player can either Stop Him (sharp decrease in Lagon relationship and equally sharp increase in Ophelia relationship), Divert Him (minor Lagon relationship loss, small but notable Ophelia relationship gain) or Watch as Lagon brutally rapes his daughter to "teach her her place" (small Lagon relationship gain, sharp decrease in Ophelia relationship). After the transformation, the player has the choice to either Apologise for Watching (small Ophelia relationship gain), Encourage her (small Ophelia relationship gain) or Rebuke her (small Ophelia relationship loss).

  • Third Time
    • After Ophelia meekly presents her final concoction to Vena, Lagon sets the horny futazonian matriarch on her daughter. The player can either stop this by Attacking Lagon (fight with normal Lagon, serious Ophelia relationship gain if win, bad end if lose) or Offering themselves to Vena in Ophelia's place (bad end if PC's sex level is too low, serious capacity increase to vagina (if present) or anus, serious sexp gain, serious Ophelia relationship gain), attempt to Stop Vena (player is attacked by Lagon, reducing them to 1 HP, forces them to watch) or simply Watch. Regardless, at the end, Lagon will declare his intent to close Ophelia's lab and put her "to work" in the pit besides her mother. Infuriated, Ophelia will beg the player to help her by finding the scepter and overthrowing Lagon, beginning the next quest in the Burrows sequence: Search for the Scepter.

Specific Rewards

Each set of ingredients unlocks a specific new potion in Ophelia's arsenal. This results in new content with the general bunnies and with Vena.

  • Cactoids are used to create Brute Brew
    • This will unlock the male "Bunny Brute" variant "alpha bunny" in the bunnies encounter and also cause Vena to turn into an amazonian version of herself.

  • Gol Husks are used to create Futa Syrup
    • This will unlock the "Futabun" variant "alpha bunny" in the bunnies encounter and also cause Vena to grow a clitcock, allowing for sexual scenes where she penetrates the player.

  • Red Algae are used to create Brain Juice
    • This unlock the spellcasting female "Brainy Bun" variant "alpha bunny" in the bunnies encounter and also cause Vena to regain some of her former intelligence, allowing her to speak to the player.