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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Ophelia Lagomorph Female Alchemist Lagon (Father), Vena (Mother), Roa (Brother) Unknown Unknown


Ophelia is a mutant female lagomorph who lives in the Burrows. One of the many children of Lagon and Vena, she is a sister to Roa. Ophelia has a rare mutation that makes her libido far lower and her intelligence far higher than her many siblings, such that she is the official alchemist for the Burrows and, in many ways, has better ideas for running the colony than Lagon has - though Lagon refuses to listen due to his inherent insanity. In fact, to add injury to insult, Lagon not only shuts her down multiple times in front of the Player, but abuses her sexually.

After the defeat of her father Lagon at the hands of the Player, the rest of the colony attempts to make her queen, but she refuses, stating her reasons for her refusal as her belief that she had committed just as many crimes, and is therefore only worthy of leading them until they find someone that could be their ruler, speaking, as she states in a later conversation, about her mother, Vena, after she is restored. After sending the royal guard elites to lock the withered shadow that is all that is left of Lagon in a cell, she then asks the player to search for her brother and the scepter he took, then the Player ends up outside.



“Just what is the meaning of this?” Surprised, you look up, finding yet another lagomorph standing in front of you. Unlike her brothers and sisters, she is actually clothed, her curvy figure and generous bosom covered by a long white coat. A pair of glasses rest on the bridge of her tiny pink nose, lending her an almost scholarly appearance.

When you fight her

Ophelia boss.png

In a fierce burst of strength, Ophelia pulls one of her arms free for just a second, enough for her to reach into her bodice and fish out a potions. In a last desperate effort, she downs the flask, body convulsing as the transformative takes effect.

The alchemist’s body is rapidly growing, muscles bulging and bones cracking until she’s more than twice her regular size. Her labcoat stretches way past its limits, ripping into tiny shreds. With a great roar, the amazonian lagomorph throws off the guards as easily as if they were dolls. She looks this way and that, her crazed eyes finally falling on you. After you win, Ophelia becomes your slave.



  • Herself
  • Her lab
  • Lagon
  • Roa
  • Vena
  • Sex - This will lend to vaginal intercourse


You can give three potions to her for the colony.