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The burrows are located in a group of low hills on the plains, still quite a ways from the forest. As always, you can see the immense tree at the center of the island towering in the distance, though you are so far away that the great canopy isn't obscuring the sky above.

Just beyond lies the dark tunnel that leads down into Lagon’s lair. It looks innocent enough on the outside, with a few bunny-morphs hopping around and frolicking aimlessly, but you know very well what lies underground.

The burrows are a confusing maze of tunnels criss-crossing through the hillside. There is no real way to navigate in the faintly lit darkness of the lagomorph stronghold, so moving around is a bit of guesswork. Still, you think you could find your way around, given some time. Echoes of the giant orgy in the Pit can be heard even here; finding that place will at least be easy.


How To Get Here

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You can run into a group of Lagomorphs while searching the Crossroads. Upon defeating them, select the option to Question them. Proceed through the dialogue to discover the Burrows.