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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Vena (aka Broodmother) Lagomorph Female (Herm option available) Dethroned Monarch, Incestuous Broodmare, Restored Monarch (Optional) Lagon (Husband), Ophelia (Daughter), Roa (Son) Unknown Alder


Fallen queen of the lagomorphs, Vena has been betrayed by her ambitious husband and reduced to the incestuous broodmare for his ever-growing legion of subjects. The player can potentially choose to restore her to her former position.



When visiting The Pit

About the same size as Lagon, but her features are softer and more feminine. The breeder has immense hips and breasts, well equipped to handle her perpetual pregnancy. Soft fur matted with sweat and sexual fluids covers her motherly form, with a thick fluffy collar surrounding her neck. Her white hair is long, almost reaching her ankles. A pair of huge, floppy rabbit ears lay flat against her back.

After giving her the potions

Vena is huge - she was large for a bunny when you first arrived to the Burrows, but it’s nothing when compared to her current amazonian form. At six foot seven, most of her children are dwarfed by her size. Her limbs are bulging with taut muscles only barely hidden by her white fur, though her overall frame is still very feminine and rounded. The hulking matriarch has hips and breasts fit for a breeder, and her stomach is swollen with a growing litter as always. Around her neck, her fur thickens, forming a fluffy collar. Her hair is very long, almost reaching her ankles, and a pair of floppy rabbit ears lay flat against her back.

Since her transformation, the broodmother has gained even more stamina than before, and is easily keeping up with her multitude of partners. Between her legs, Vena has one of the biggest cocks you’ve ever seen. Even for her huge frame, the over two feet long monstrosity looks ridiculously oversized.

When she's been purified

Vena slowly gets up on her feet and looks around herself in wonder, studying her powerful body and patting her pregnant belly, her gaze wandering over the silent crowd. Realization finally comes when she looks down at her anxious daughter, and her eyes fill with tears. “O-Ophelia, my dear daughter...”


Vena becomes a guinea pig as part of the "Breeding Better Bunnies" side-quest for the Burrows. Whenever the player returns with one of the three ingredients, after Ophelia has tested it out on one of her siblings, Lagon will dose his wife with the resultant tonic, triggering a transformation. Cactoids, which unlock the Bunny Brute strain, will cause Vena to grow into a huge amazonian version of herself; if she has a penis already, then it will also grow in size into a massive monster that clearly intimidates her husband. Gol Husks, which unlock the Futabun strain, will cause her to grow a penis, with its size depending on if she is normal or amazonian. Finally, the Red Algae, which unlocks the Brainybun strain, will restore some of her intelligence, though not enough to make her like she was.

Each time Vena has been transformed, a unique scene will be triggered between her, Ophelia and Lagon; the order in which the tonics are applied doesn't matter, only the number of transformations does. On the third transformation, Lagon will sadistically offer Ophelia up as a fuck-toy to the horny futazonian matriarch. The player can either Attack Lagon, Stop Vena, Watch her as she rapes her daughter, or Offer themselves in Ophelia's place. Fighting Lagon results in him being driven off for +25 Ophelia Relationship if the player wins, or a bad end if the player loses. Trying to stop Vena just results in Lagon holding the player down and forcing them to Watch, and Offering yourself in Ophelia's place results in the player being impaled on Vena's monstrous cock. If the player's Sex Level is too low, this results in a bad end, otherwise, the player manages to hold onto their sanity through Vena's tidal wave of lust, resulting in +25 to Ophelia Relationship for her gratitude at being saved such a ravaging.

After Vena's three transformations have been completed, Ophelia will give players the side-quest to find the stolen scepter and overthrow Lagon.


Vena's history is unclear, for obvious reasons. She and Lagon were originally relatively mindless and feral lagomorphs, a mated pair who chanced upon a long-lost magical scepter. Exposure to the scepter's energies made them undergo an evolution, triggering a startling advancement in their mental development to human-like levels of intelligence. Taking this scepter as a sacred artifact, the two began breeding in what would be the burrows, spawning litters that, whilst generally less intelligent than they were (Ophelia and Roa being the two most notable exceptions), were still far smarter than the rest of their distant relatives. With their litters incestuously breeding amongst themselves, and occasionally with their parents, the burrows began to grow into the tribal society it is today.

Always counseling peace and a focus on the well-being of her family, Vena was ultimately betrayed by her husband's ambitions, reduced to a mindless breeding slave and trapped at the center of "the pit", the burrows' dedicated orgy-chamber, where she has remained ever since, perpetually pregnant at Lagon's behest. A fate that the player can choose to save her from.


Vena in her true identity is a highly loving and nurturing figure, a grand matriarch who deeply loves her family with all her heart and is driven solely by the need to provide them with comfort, support and peace. She has the iconic rabbit libido, and is always eager to expand her family, but she cares about her children as well. She is an extremely generous and forgiving soul, even being capable of forgiving the fundamental betrayal Lagon inflicted upon her, but she does have a core of steel deep, deep under all that soft fluff, and once she is moved to put her foot down, she won't change her mind for anything.

As loving as she is, Vena is still a lagomorph, and thusly her morality is something she's trying to work out for herself. Although she loves and is loyal to her husband, she sees nothing wrong with having sex with all her children, happily fucking and being fucked in turn. Likewise, she has no qualms about mating with the player, and even makes appreciative comments about any contributions the player may make to her ever-growing legion of offspring.

Player Interactions


The player can only fuck Vena at first, though after the Brainybun tonic has been administered, they can also Talk to her about various subjects (herself, her three named family members, or the Pit).

Post-Lagon's Overthrow

Currently, the only content for Vena post-restoration is punishing Lagon. Planned content includes sex and talking scenes.