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Lagomorphs are a fusion of rabbit and human. They can easily be called the horniest race in Eden.



Lago male.png Lago fem.png Lago brain.png Lago brute.png


  • Lagon - King of the Lagomorphs
    • A corrupt, sexist, cruel, lecherous and ambitious patriarch of the Lagamorphs, ruling as "King Rabbit" from the Burrows
  • Ophelia - Daughter of Lagon and Vena
    • Having far lower libido and far higher intelligence than her many siblings, she is the official alchemist for the Burrows and, in many ways, has better ideas for running the colony than Lagon has - though Lagon refuses to listen.
  • Vena - Wife of Lagon
    • Lagon's wife whom he turned into a mindless breeding slave in "The Pit" for attempting to rebel against him.


The basic encounter is an Alpha and 3 mixed lagomorphs giving between 5 and 7 points of experience. This is the first encounter that you will find, containing Lagomorphs,

Three other random encounters are unlocked during the first part of the Lagomorph quest line. In each of these the Alpha is changed to a different breed of lagomorphs.

  • Brute - A stronger Lagomorph, that has 4 times the health of a normal Alpha, unlocks an additional victory scene.
  • Wizard - A smarter Lagomorph that attacks with basic magic attacks.
  • Herm - A group of four Lagomorphs without an Alpha.


  • Get fucked by males
  • Fuck the males
  • Fuck the Brute /only if he is there/