Search for the Scepter

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Ophelia has asked you to search for Lagon's scepter, possibly the only thing that can help her mother.



Find Ophelia's brother, Roa. Your best lead seems to be looking for whorehouses...
  • Seek out Roa at the Rigard Brothel; he will tell you how he sold the scepter to a merchant.
  • Afterwards, you will automatically look around, but find the merchant hasn't been seen since he set out along the King's Road.
Seek the Scepter or Overthrow Lagon.
  • Choose whether you will go after the scepter first or return to the Burrows first. Nothing forces you do do things in a specific order.

Follow the merchant lead, trail the caravan along the King's Road.

Return to the Burrows.
  • Head to the Burrows and choose between two options: fight against Lagon or betray Ophelia.

A Queendom Restored.
  • If you overthrow Lagon, once you have the Scepter, Vena will be restored to her old self. You must then talk to her about punishing her husband to truly complete the quest.