Gol Queen

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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Gol Queen Gol Female Queen Unknown Unknown Unknown


She is the boss for the Search for the Scepter quest.



Half woman, half insect, all terrifying, she stands well over ten feet tall, with four arms - two of which are similar to enormous scythes - and six legs. Her face is vaguely human, though the antenna sticking out of her long green hair and the four inhuman eyes on her forehead belay her insectoid nature; she looks like a freakish mix between a human and a mantis. Turning she unintentionally gives you a good look at her chitinous lower half, complete with a half-dozen skittering legs and a tubular, tail-like extension that sprouts from the back of her abdomen. Her nippleless breasts heave with excitement.


Just when you’re about to give up the search for the missing merchant, you notice tracks leading off the beaten path and into a hilly, forested area off in the distance. Only, it doesn’t look like the decision to change course was made willingly - in fact, it looks like the cart was dragged off, and there are signs of a struggle, faded by time but still visible if you look for them.

Following the tracks, you end up near the mouth of a narrow canyon. Here, too, you see the signs of struggle - a ripped piece of clothing, the ripped off wheel from a merchant’s cart, a smashed barrel with various knick-knacks spread across the ground.

You waver on the brink of the crevasse. This may be your only lead on finding Lagon’s scepter, but this doesn’t look like the work of ordinary bandits. Not only that, you have an uneasy feeling about this place.

Steeling yourself, you head inside the winding canyon, nerves on end and ready for combat. Kai walks by your side, staying as close to you as possible. It’s eerily quiet, and you don’t hear the usual din of the wilds here - no calls of birds or baying of distant wild dogs. You find further evidence of the caravan; splinters of wood and patches of cloth hanging off scraggly trees. Some of the narrow sections you pass through doesn’t look like they’d even allow for a regular wagon to pass through. It’s as if someone hauled it through bodily. It’s not a feat possible for a regular horse, far less by mere bandits.

More alarming, you begin to see unnatural secretions of… something. Sticky mucus clings to the cliffside like an infestation of some sort. It’s not spiderwebs, but perhaps something similar. Surely, it’s not natural. Trying not to touch it, you soldier on.

Rounding a corner, you come upon a secluded valley in the hill; a place of madness and corruption. The strange sticky mucus is everywhere, and there is an unnerving whirring noise, like that of the distant rapid beat of insect wings. Even looking around, you can’t figure out its source - it’s as if it was emanating from the inside of your skull.

Here, you finally discover the fate of the unlucky caravan: the remains of several wagons smashed to pieces and scattered across the ground. You quickly realize that you’re not alone, however, as there is a large hulking shape rummaging through the remains of one of the carts.

  • Gol Queen Lv. 13/6 HP: 2218 SP: 998 Lust MAX: 1431


  • Lagon's Scepter
  • Gol claw
  • Fertilium
  • The party gains 350 experience
  • 1500g


  • Hyperfuck (Need at least 85 cm (33in) long penis)
  • Tailfuck
  • Cunnilingus