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You are standing on the shore of the great lake in which the river that passes Rigard pours its waters. Further upstream, you can see the slums and docks of the great city spread out. Despite this, the lake looks pristine; you figure there must be multiple sources of its waters. Further out, you spot an island, and beyond that Eden ends and the cloudy void begins.



The Lake is a large body of water that serves as the repository for the central Eden river, which flows from The Source down past Rigard and ends here. It can be reached by going to the Rigard Slums, where it becomes its own location button.

Planned content for the Lake includes a native enemy encounter, in the form of Goo-Girls.


Breeding bunnies; Bring Ophelia red algae from the lake.

Missing watch; A planned quest that will become active once the Spitting Lion Inn and Mayflower are submitted to the game. The player will need to come to the lake to find the missing watch of a mouse-morph merchant, which will trigger Mayflower as a potential party recruit.