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Warning! This page details content that has been written and made publicly viewable, but which has not yet been completed nor coded into the game! You cannot interact with this character yet!


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Mayflower Otter-morph (Human-Blooded) Female Monk Unknown Human (Father), Unknown Otter-morph (Mother) Unknown LukaDoc & QuietBrowser


Mayflower is a highly trained monk from an order further towards the interior of Eden. Highly skilled in both the martial and the tantric arts, she has left her order on a pilgrimage to advance her studies and refine her skills beyond the limits of the order, having already attained some of the highest ranks in the group. With no particular goal in mind, she is open to the idea of traveling with company. Though very sexually skilled, she has become emotionally "burnt out" on the act, seeing it as inherently unsatisfying. If a player chooses to romance her, she can eventually rediscover the ability to become invested in sex as well as a growing emotional attachment to the player.


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She is the daughter of a female otter-morph and her male human husband.

Information of Note

Mayflower's larger than expected bosom and subtler webbing is a side effect of her half-human heritage.

Mayflower has a hidden fetish for footplay, which will only become active if one unlocks her highest tier of relationship content.

Player Interactions

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Mayflower will be activated as a potential follower by engaging in a quest to retrieve a missing watch at the Spitting Lion Inn, which will take the player to Lake. At the quest's culmination, she will begin hanging out in the Spitting Lion Inn, from which she can be recruited.


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