Rigard Slums

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The slum of Rigard is a wretched cesspool of bustling activity at all times of the day. The sprawling ghetto spreads out along the riverfront, crawling along the walls of the city as if trying to get inside. Most houses you see are built of sturdy but cheap wood, intended to weather the cold winters but not designed for comfort or aesthetics.

The ‘streets’ are mostly mud, battered every day by countless feet. The smell of the docks reach you even here, near the gates to the inner city.

The guards regard you with rather disinterested looks, lounging at a table beside the gate.

Enter the city? Go to the main gate? Go to the tavern? Go to the lake? Nothing else to see here.


How To Get Here

Connects To


You can randomly encounter a young dog-girl who will tell you the story of Rigard's founding.

"A long long time ago, this land was only inhabited by scattered tribes of pure humans - although my parents tell me that's just something the humans made up - who sometimes fought with each other, and sometimes got along. But then, in one of the weaker tribes was born Riordain, along with his twin brother Riorbane."

"Riorbane was way cooler than his brother, and had lots of awesome adventures!" the girl exclaims. "But the adults mainly honor Riordain because he ended up founding the kingdom. I'm not sure how he did it, but he got all the humans to follow him, and they built the castle you can see over there," she tells you, waving over at the castle towering above the city, "to be the capital of the new kingdom. The city was named Rigard in Riordain's honor."

"Well, that was centuries and centuries ago, and the city's just been growing since then. The most recent outer walls were finished back in my grandparents' time, and you must've seen how more and more houses are spilling out past them when you came in," she finishes her story.

Peasants' Gate

Event occurs when searching the Slums

Guard Assaulted

A guard is attacked by a man in a cloak.

First Choices
  • Observe - "This still has nothing to do with you. Keep watching"
  • Assist - "You'd better help the unconscious guard. Who knows what your conscience might do if he's killed in front of you..."
    • You chase the attacker. Kiai tends to the guard. You have your other follower(s) stay behind with Kiai because of the potholes in the dark alley that would cause them to hinder your chase. You catch up with the attacker and discover that it is Lei.

Second Choices
  • Approve - "Lei provided a free, useful lesson to the guard. Certainly praiseworthy."
    • Flirt
    • Move On
  • Indifferent - "What do you care Lei does in his free time?"
  • Chastise - "The fact that Lei is harming others just because he feels like it is quite horrible, and you're going to tell him as much."