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“No matter. I am Lei.” He pauses, apparently watching for whether the name is familiar to you. “A simple seeker of strength and fortune. Nothing more. Nothing less.”


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Lei Unknown Male Bodyguard Unknown Unknown Unknown


You notice a man sitting in the corner of the room on his own, a hood covering his face. There are a few others alone, a few others concealing their faces, but what draws your eye the most is his stillness. Whereas all others in the tavern are in motion, he sits completely still, his only movements the occasional tilt of his head, as he seems to scan the room, and the movement of his hand as he nurses some drink in a dark glass. Everything about him works to pique your curiosity, but you can’t quite come up with a reason to approach him.

You approach the stranger. He definitely looks like the man you saw following the pair of hooded nobles earlier. His cloak is the same dusky shade, and he has the hood drawn up, casting his face into shadow, raising your suspicions. Up close, you notice that underneath he’s wearing some sort of black form-fitting armor, nicely emphasizing his well-muscled body. When you reach his table, he looks up at you, running his eyes over you methodically.

Normally, if a man examined you so closely, eyes poring over every detail, you would think that he's checking you, but something in the stranger's eyes make this examination different... it feels like he's not examining you as a potential mate, so much as potential prey, assessing whether you're worth noticing.



  • Lei is The Twins', Rani and Rumi, bodyguard and chaperone.
  • Lei assaults a guard when you're searching the Rigard Slums because he felt that the man had been wasting his talent at fighting. He wished to give him nightmares that would inspire him to continue training.