The Twins

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“I am Rumi, daughter of King Rewyn, heir to the throne of Rigard. And this here, is my twin brother, Rani.” She gestures to the blushing woman - man - sitting beside her. Rumi grins at your surprise. “Had you fooled, did we? My brother and I were always so similar, and we quite enjoy masquerading as each other...”

This pair is the prince and princess of Rigard? They do match the descriptions you’ve heard while walking the streets of the city, but why would they be here?


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Rumi Human Female Princess of Rigard King Rewyn (Father), Rani (Brother) Rigard Unknown
Rani Human Male Prince of Rigard King Rewyn (Father), Rumi (Sister) Rigard Unknown


As you turn to leave, you spot a postern gate open in the wall a few hundred paces to your left, and two people come out. Both of them wear gray cloaks, their hoods drawn, so you cannot make out much of their features. They are of a height, and walk companionably side by side, heading out toward the city. You point them out, and ask the guards who they are, curiously.

Sitting at the table by the wall, your only warning is the sound of two people’s steps before a red-headed couple emerge from the stairway. The way they walk, backs held straight, close enough that they are almost touching, seems familiar. Lei’s instant shift in attention toward them is enough to confirm your guess that this is the pair you were looking for.

To your surprise, you find that the young man and woman are wearing modest clothes - gray woolens better suited to poor commoners rather than the rich dress you expected to see. Perhaps they really are trying to be discrete, as Lei had said. If so, it’s not working very well, as the dull clothes provide a cute contrast to their blazing red hair, making them stand out all the more.



Humiliate Lord Krawitz