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Pregnancy is the state in which the player character or certain NPC's become pregnant and eventually give birth. The player character is most vulnerable to this, as the most "unconcerned breeding partners" in the game are enemy mobs, who will potentially impregnate the PC if the PC loses to them or chooses to ride their penises after victory. NPC's typically are on birth control and will not conceive or fertilize the player until a certain status in their relationship is reached. This means followers are the secondary source of pregnancy content in the game.


Each time a pregnancy-viable character has sex with a virile partner, a conception check is made. If successful, the character becomes pregnant. NPCs will usually have set pregnancy sizes, such as only having one child or at most a potential for a small number of multiples at a time. The PC is not so restricted and high fertility will offer the chance for "hyper pregnancy" (huge litters of multiples, six or more stronger).

Most pregnancies will take an average of 30 game-days to complete their gestation, although the potion Gestarium will decrease the counter each time it is drunk. Certain pregnancies will have longer or shorter gestation periods.

Once the time counts down, the character cannot give birth until they enter a Safe Point, but once they reach it, they will give birth automatically.

In act 1, the resultant children will be placed in a nursery at the Nomads, where their numbers and species can be checked on. In act 2, a new nursery will be generated in the Gemstead; any existing children will be moved there after the player unlocks it, and subsequent children will likewise be whisked to their new home through a portal.

List of Potential Fathers

As the PC's "pet", Terry is not on any contraceptives. Consequently, he can impregnate the PC. There is no unique content written for him doing so as yet.

Cale will also happily give you some pups, just make sure he ties.

The roving Catmorphs (FoE) can impregnate the player, though generally only if the player loses or submits to them.

Assorted cock-equipped Lagomorphs can impregnate the player. This includes Roa and pre-overthrow Lagon (there is no post-overthrow sex for taking his cock as yet). Vena will also be capable of impregnating the PC if given a cock, but no scenes for being so penetrated have been written yet.

The Naga is capable of impregnating the player, but the only sex scenes she has for penetrating are restricted to vagina-equipped PCs..

The male of the "wild" Lizardmorphs encounter is capable of impregnating the player.

The stallion-morph of the roving Horsemorph couple can potentially impregnate the player.

Estevan will happy 'give you some as long as you have a few drinks with him. (Male Only no options for female)

List of Potential Mothers

Currently, there is little content to really support NPC pregnancy.

Terry and Layla can fall pregnant, but it is purely placeholder content and essentially amounts to some notes in their Appearance screen and a placeholder birth scene.

Isla has content for getting pregnant, after you have earned her affection. Her figure affects her potential fertility, with the curviest Isla being potentially capable of having triplets. She grows bigger over time, but gives birth off-screen, and her children have no interactions, as they are handwaved as being sent back to the tribe and adopted out among the older or infertile members of the tribe.

Male Pregnancy?

The player can talk to Rosalin to unlock the Anusol potion recipe. Talking to Jeanne whilst a bottle of Anusol is in your inventory will have her teach you the improved Anusol+ recipe (Gestarium+Anusol). Consuming Anusol+ allows a character to become impregnated by anal sex, although in all technical details it is identical to normal pregnancy.

Currently, there is only support for the player to make use of this content, as there are no "breedable" NPCs willing to take the potion.

Additionally, many of the potential "fathers" in the encounters lack any scenes for anally penetrating the player. Until this lack is rectified, there will always be less capability to access pregnancy content without a vagina.