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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Theodore Hart (aka "The Masked Fox") Fox-morph Male (Herm through transformations) Thief Deceased Unknown Mother and Father Unknown LukaDoc & QuietBrowser


Terry is a male fox morph with a feminine appearance. Because of this, he is mistaken as a woman from those who don't know him that well. He has a heart shaped birthmark on his backside. An aspiring thief, he has come to Rigard to plot his first independent caper, working as a vixen maid at the Lady's Blessing while he schemes. He is a mandatory recruit for the player's party, in that the player must undertake the quest that makes him recruitable in order to progress through the main storyline.

Can teach you the Rogue job, after they join your party, if you're a level 3 Fighter.


  • At the Inn in disguise

A petite vixen wearing a maid’s uniform approaches you. She stands at about five foot five, her fur an orange-tinted gold with predominant white marking. Though her uniform does a nice job of preserving her modesty and hiding her curves, you can see she’s rounded in all the right places. She has a pair of soft-looking cushions adorning her bosom, and she walks with just a slight sway in her gait. Her cute triangular ears turn this way and that before focusing on you.

  • When you fight

She's traded her uniform for a practical, tight-fitting suit of leather armor. A hood rises from the neck to cover her scalp and partially obscure her features, its long sleeves and pant-legs reaching to her wrists and ankles, but tight against the limbs so as to not get in the way. Bracers and pads add a little extra protection, and the front sports a number of pockets and a holster covered in pouches wrapped diagonally around her chest. All in all, perfect gear for a thief.

  • Recruitment

Turning around, you take a good long look at the newly re-garbed fox. He's traded his former barmaid's dress and leather armor for a simple but good quality tunic and pants, both a little on the tight side. A leather cuirass drapes over his torso, and it looks like the guard even gave him back his chest holster, whilst his paw-like feet have been squeezed into knee-high leather boots.


Terry was originally born in Rigard, the son of a vixen-morph whore and a fox-morph father who made a living as a dockworker and thief. Conceived when his mother's contraception failed, his father took responsibility by inviting his mother to live with him; they never formally married, but had a happy life together once Terry came along.

Unfortunately, Terry was born only a few short years before the anti-morph riots; Terry's mother was killed by bigots, whilst his father fled with the infant fox to the Free Cities, where Terry grew to adulthood. Terry's father took to drinking heavily, and only grew worse as the years went by, although he was never abusive or neglectful. He tutored Terry in the basics of thiefcraft as his son grew up, but eventually a combination of his alcoholism and an unknown disease saw him to his grave.

Alone in the world, Terry took up a job at a local inn, occasionally picking pockets and committing other acts of petty thievery to make his life more comfortable. Eventually, he tried to steal from the alarm-trapped bag of a more experienced fox-morph thief, a gray-furred male whom Terry knew as Thorn, the original "Masked Fox" master thief. Thorn took an interest in Terry and took him under his wing,

They traveled together for several years, honing Terry's skill, until Thorn made a fatal mistake whilst attempting to steal from Duke Kane of Afaris. Thorn escaped, but was mortally wounded, dying before Terry could find a healer to help him. This led to Terry's return to Rigard, and his plans to burglarize the home of Lord Krawitz, both for his own sake and to honor his mentor by taking up the Masked Fox role - which is when his past becomes his present, as the player enters the picture.


Terry is in many ways a typical fox; quick-witted and mischievous, with a sharp tongue and a love of sarcasm. Even at his nicest, he enjoys teasing and sarcastic quips, and when he does not like someone, his tongue is truly acerbic.

Initially, a recruited Terry holds a justifiable resentfulness towards the player, but if the player treats him nicely, he warms up to them in turn and becomes quite affectionate. He has a surprisingly kinky streak to him, and is slightly on the submissive side; even though he knows his collar can be used to "punish" him, he enjoys skirting around disobedience as his trust and affection for the player grows; this is thrilling to him in and of itself, but he actually comes to find being punished quite erotic itself.

Information of Note

Terry developed his "habit" of feigning femininity for a purpose in his youth; thanks to Terry's feminine appearance, when Terry's father was particularly drunk, he'd confuse Terry for Terry's mother and make drunken confessions of love and despair. He never molested Terry in this state, no matter how drunk he was, and Terry's pity & sympathy for his father meant he would sometimes play along with his father's mistake in hopes of granting his father some comfort. He further developed this pretense of femininity, and started crossdressing, under Thorn's tutelage, usually serving as a "honeypot" to acquire information or just play a distracting role in their latest caper.

Terry and Miranda will never cease to be mutually hostile towards each other in their interactions. Although they both have tragic histories that they could sympathise with, especially as they both lost parents to the anti-morph riots, Miranda's attempted rape of Terry, combined with her blatant lack of shame for her actions and her provocative sexual taunts, incenses the fox-morph, who responds with verbal aggression. This amuses Miranda, ensuring she keeps on messing with him.


Terry is recruited through the A Guilty Conscience quest.

Terry is first encountered during the Seeking Favor quest after the player has fled the mansion and returning to the inn. The player meets a feminine fox woman handling a large box and having difficulty opening the door. The player can choose to help the fox or ignore her.

After the player finishes talking with the twins, the player can then wander through Rigard. If they try to leave through the main gate, the party will see that the gate barricaded off. Miranda will then appear and inform the party that a thief called "Masked Fox" had robbed Lord Krawitz's mansion while the player was there. The guard dog will then have the player help her locate and arrest the thief. She will then join your party and have all other party members wait at the inn.

At this point, the player will help Miranda search the city for signs of the thief. If the player searches at the Merchant district, he/she and Miranda will find the thief at a warehouse, who happens to be the fox woman the player met earlier.

The party must defeat the thief to move forward. Afterwards, the thief will be revealed to be a male instead of a female. Miranda will then try to ravage the thief while the player will be given three options:

  • Stand back and let Miranda have her way. This will convince Miranda of the player's support for her, increasing her Relationship meter, but also make the PC more of an enemy to Terry, decreasing his Relationship meter.
  • Intervene and stop her from ravaging the male fox. This will anger Miranda, who is not used to not getting her own way, and thusly cause her Relationship meter to lose some points, but will also make a positive impression on Terry, boosting his Relationship meter. Standing firm in the face of Miranda's wishes will also lower her Dominance meter.
  • Attempt to join in with Miranda in "punishing" the thief. Miranda will be okay with sharing Terry with the player, but will start arguing with the player over their desire to have him first. Seeing the player willing to assault him like this will make Tery distrust them, causing a severe plunge in his Relationship meter. Likewise, arguing with Miranda instead of submitting to her will cause Miranda's Dominance meter to drop as well, although her Relationship meter will be unaffected.

Regardless of the choice, the Royal Guard along with its commander will take claim of arresting the thief, angering Miranda. Back at the Tavern, the player can choose whether or not to comfort Miranda; Comforting her will give her a Relationship boost and will also deactivate the Nasty moodlet if she is currently set to that state.

Afterwards, the player can visit the twins at the Inn's Penthouse and ask them to help release Terry. They tell the player to come back later while they come up with an idea. When the player returns, they will give him a letter to deliver to the guards at the jail near the Castle. The Jail will then become available for visit.

When the player arrives at the jail, the guard will inform Terry that he will be released under the player's ownership and that he will be forced to wear a magical collar made by Jeanne that has Terry obey the player's commands. Terry will then join your party after the scene ends.


Terry starts off as a Rogue and can choose to become a Fighter instead. He also wears Leather Pants and Leather Chest armor with a Dagger as his weapon.


When Terry is in your party, the player can then work on gaining Terry's trust and affections through his menu at the party screen. The player can take a good look at his Appearance, give him Compliments, or even Pet him by hugging or brushing his tail or fur. The player can also talk with Terry and learn how he's feeling or about his past. The player can also switch between calling Terry he or she and can also have sex with the fox.


  • Pitch Anal
  • Catch Anal
  • Get Oral
  • Have a drink
    • Breasts (Requires Terry to be lactating)
    • Cock
    • Pussy (Requires Terry to have a pussy)

Horsecock Terry

  • Worship Him


  • Pitch Vaginal


Terry Transformations

When the player tries to feed Terry a transformation potion, the collar will glow pink for a few moments before it dims out. Terry, however, will still remain the same. At this point, the player can visit Rosalin and/or Jeanne.

If the player visits Rosalin, the alchemist will use powerful concoctions on Terry, but to no avail. Terry will also plead with the player to not visit her again, resulting in the loss of Relationship points due to his awful experience.

When the player visits Jeanne, she will explain how the collar works: Because of the delicate nature of the collar itself, it cannot handle transformation magic by itself. Therefore, it contains other magic to negate transformation potions, keeping the wearer the same. Jeanne will then come up with an idea of bypassing the collar so Terry can be transformed. This requires her to create special suppository versions, which she can create for you if you bring her the necessary potions for the specific transformations.

Terry's transformations include: increasing breast size up to D-Cup, decreasing breast size down to Flatchested, inducing lactation, removing lacation, adding a vagina if he does not have one, removing a vagina if he has one, changing his fox-cock to a horse-cock, or changing his horse-cock back into a fox-cock.