Seeking Favor

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Seeking Favor


Investigate the noble couple you saw sneaking out of the inner district. You probably ought to figure out why they were followed.



Quest Start

This quest can be started by approaching the Rigard Castle from the Plaza.

Investigate At The Inn
  • Go to Rigard Inn.
  • Investigate the Stranger (Lei).
  • Approach the nobles and hear their request.

Dueling Lord Krawitz

If you wish to earn the points for this option, you MUST undertake this BEFORE you chose to raid the mansion.

  • Search in Rigard Plaza until you encounter Lord Krawitz.
  • Challenge Krawitz to a duel (you only get one chance).
    • Victory against Lord Krawitz is dependent upon the PC's Dexterity score.
      • At Dexterity 40 or less, they are guaranteed to lose the match, leaving them with the only choice of raiding the mansion.
      • With a Dexterity of 41 to 60, they have a random chance of either losing the match or scoring a victory (1 humiliation point).
      • With a Dexterity of 61 to 80, they have a random chance of scoring either a victory (1 humiliation point) or a humiliating victory (2 humiliation points).
      • Dexterity 81 or more guarantees a humiliating victory (2 humiliation points).

Krawitz Estate

See Humiliate Lord Krawitz for a fully detailed approach. A basic list of the fastest tested route for the mansion can be seen in the section titled "Fastest Route".

  • There are two ways to go about raiding the mansion: getting employed as a servant, or sneaking in at night.
    • To get employed as a servant, approach Krawitz's mansion between 6:00 and 20:00 to overhear the servants complaining and find out that a new servant is required.
      • You only have a single opportunity to take this role; if you turn it down rather than speaking up, then you will have to resort to stealth.
      • If you choose this route, you will be instructed to return at 20:00, whereupon you will be given Servant's Clothes to wear and 50g.
    • If you resort to the sneaking in route, approach the mansion at 20:00 or later. You need to enter the Servants' Quarters and Scavenge a set of Servant's Clothes to be able to do your mission, otherwise you will fail the quest.
  • Go to the Bathhouse. The Krawitz women of the house will ask you to bring them some wine.
  • Go to the mansion and to the Study. Lord Krawitz will instruct you to go to the Kitchen and get him some food.
  • Go to the Kitchen and retrieve Krawitz's food.
  • Leave the Kitchen, but then go back in it to get the wine.
  • Before returning to the Study and the Bathhouse, go to the Storeroom and investigate the Cabinet and Chest (the chest is only accessible after you here some servants speak about it in an explore event on the grounds); take the contents of both.
  • Return to the Study and give Krawitz the Spiked Food. He will grow cat ears and a cat's tail, then drive you out of the Study in a panic.
  • Return to the Bathhouse and give the Krawitz women the Drugged Wine. They will offer you sex in their drugged-up state, but accepting or refusing is a matter of personal taste; having intercourse with them doesn't alter your end-quest score.
  • Return to the Servants' Quarters. There, give the remaining Drugged Wine to the servants and then direct them to the Bathhouse.
  • Return to the Bathhouse; Krawitz will appear, horrified to discover his wife and daughter having an orgy with his servants.
  • Return to the Study
  • Steal the Sword and the Binder.
  • With the mansion now in a total uproar, and with Krawitz's most-prized (and legally dangerous) items in your possession, you may head back to the 'Grounds and leave the mansion.

Fastest Route

Fastest tested Route:

  • Enter Grounds
  • Hide/Charm if Guards Encountered
  • Enter Servants' Quarters
  • Scavenge
  • Enter Batthouse
  • Enter Mansion
  • Enter Study
  • Leave
  • Enter Storeroom
  • Obtain Lust Potion and Cat Potion
  • Leave
  • Enter Kitchen (Food)
  • Enter Kitchen (Wine)
  • Enter Study
  • Give Spiked Food
  • Enter Grounds
  • Give Spiked Wine to Guards when next encountered
  • Enter Bathhouse
  • Give Spiked Wine (your choice of secondary. OP recommends Sex to remove Lust.)
  • Enter Servants' [Quarters]
  • Give Wine
  • Give Spiked Wine
  • Bathhouse (Tell them to go here)
  • Enter Bathhouse
  • Enter Mansion
  • Enter Study
  • Obtain Binder and Sword
  • Leave
  • Enter Grounds
  • Street
  • End Mission

+8 Mayhem, 0+ Suspicion, No Alarm Raised.

Quest End

  • After Dueling and/or Raiding the Mansion have been completed, the player can return to the inn and speak to the nobles to end the quest.
  • You will encounter the vixen waitress on your way back to the Inn.
    • Offer Help to gain 1 reputation with Thief (Terry).
  • The more "humiliation points" the PC earned from their interactions with Krawitz, the better they will do for completing this quest. At its end, they will unlock the Terry recruitment quest and the next phase of the main storyline. The above guideline notes the maximum route for acquiring humiliation points when raiding the mansion.