Rigard Castle

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As you step through, it is like entering another world. From the busy hubbub of the streets of Rigard, the royal grounds are eerily quiet. There are relatively few people moving around, and those that do have an air of self-importance. You spot groups of noblemen and women walking the paved paths, servants in tow. The entire grounds is like a large park, snaking paths weaving through lush greenery, with posh estates scattered throughout.

Far above, on top of the rocky hill at the back of the area, you can see the stone walls of the castle jutting out of the bedrock. The approach is quite steep, snaking back and forth up the hillside. From a military perspective, the fortress would be a nightmare to take, the rough terrain further fortified by the works of men. Bright pennants snap in the wind on top of the tall towers overlooking the city.

Speaking of towers, you spy a strange structure close by. The tower looks very out of place compared to the rich estates dotting the grounds - a crumbling obelisk of rock, neglected and worn down over the course of centuries. There is an eerie glow emanating from the windows on its upper levels, flickering between strange colors that have no business coming from a natural fire. Your search for the court magician should probably start here.


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