The Mage Tower

From Fall of Eden
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After squaring your shoulders and checking on Kai, you step inside, peering around curiously at the odd furniture scattered throughout the room. There are many antiques, but they don’t look like they are of the usual style you’ve seen in Rigard. Each article looks like it was crafted from a single piece of wood, and it looks less carved and more… grown.

After a brief survey, you continue to the next floor, which looks like it is a living room, containing several chairs and tables and a large divan with fine cloth covering it. On second thought, living room is perhaps the wrong word - it doesn’t look like anyone has been here for quite some time. There are some sort of candles providing light, but the fire doesn’t look or move naturally.

The next floor contains a bedroom, and this place has clearly been in use, and not just for sleeping either. The sheets of the large bed - a beautiful piece of woodwork looking like a huge leaf - are ruffled and stained with sexual fluids. Large glass bottles containing a luminescent fluid are neatly lined up on a shelf in a nearby bookcase, stored for who knows what purpose.

On a nightstand, there is a small pile of parchments with strange symbols scrawled on it, letters from no alphabet you recognize, elaborate arcane diagrams and charts. From the floor above, you hear a bustle of activity, and see the strange flickering light that you saw from the outside. Steeling yourself for whatever awaits you above, you continue up the final set of stairs, followed by Kai.

You make the trek up the final set of stairs into a large laboratory, every nook and cranny the home of some strange arcane device or alchemical concoction. Parchments and books are strewn about on tables and chairs, and a half-eaten meal is growing cold, forgotten on a bookshelf.