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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Layla Chimera Herm Unknown Unknown Unknown QuietBrowser & LukaDoc



Layla feral.png Feral

Standing roughly five and a half feet tall, it’s a strange creature. Its features are elfin - you can see the distinctive ears from where you stand - but it’s darkly colored and has a long, lashing, lizard-like tail.

As you step closer, glass crunches under your weight, making it wheel to face you. Red eyes narrow into a ferocious glare, and the lips, set in a surprisingly female face, curl into a teeth-baring snarl. She tosses a half-eaten apple away and you catch a glimpse of her teardrop shaped breasts and carelessly exposed pussy.

The creature’s long tail whips restlessly from side to side, and her fingers curl into makeshift claws. Her body shifts, adopting a low-slung stance with legs primed to send her springing forward in a pounce. A bestial hiss slithers past her lips.

History/Personality/Information of Note



In the main quest line, beat Orchid in the Glade. Spend the night at Gwendy's farm, and help Gwendy fight off a thief (Layla). Let Gwendy take care of her for 3 days, then return to the farm and choose to take Layla with you. Note that just sticking around on the farm for 3 days won't work; you must return to the farm after 3 days.


Layla can access physical and scholarly classes. Sexual classes are gated behind an unimplemented quest. She is intended to have a unique class, also unimplemented.


  • Sex


  • Catch anal
  • Pitch vaginal