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"Well, how do you do, stranger?"


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Gwendy Human Female Farm Owner Unknown Unknown Alder


Gwendy is a human girl who owns and operates the Farm located in the Crossroads


  • Crossroads
    • Farm - randomly encountered after asking Miranda about getting a pass into the city. When the event is triggered, the player will be given the choice to either approach the faraway barn, or explore it later. Upon accepting to approach the farm, the event will no longer appear.


Gwendy is a human girl, about twenty-five years old, about 5'8" (roughly 173 cm) tall. She has long blonde hair, tied back into a waist-length braid with a small blue ribbon, and bright blue energetic eyes.

She has freckled, creamy white skin that accentuates her lovely figure. Her usual attire consists of a pair of rugged short shorts, giving you a generous (and perverted) view of her ample rear, and a sleeveless crop top tied in a knot below her bountiful breasts.

A planned expansion will allow players to give her a dose of Equinium+, which will transform her into a hermaphrodite with an equine phallus and testes. In this state, a second dose of E+ will give her a second phallus.


  • Adrian the stallion-morph is an employee of Gwendy who has a huge crush on her, but can't bring himself to admit it.
  • Danie the sheep-girl is an employee of Gwendy.
  • Gwendy and the player can potentially enter a sexual relationship, and a player with a phallus will eventually be capable of impregnating her - or falling pregnant, if they have a vagina and Gwendy has been hermified.
  • Miranda and Gwendy strike up an immediate dislike for each other on first meeting, especially if the player already has a positive relationship with the doberherm-morph.

Working on the Farm

As part of her morning and midday interactions, a player can offer to help Gwendy out by working on the farm. This will trigger a number of randomized scenes, which can give the player a number of stat boosts.


In certain of Gwendy's Work scenes, she will playfully challenge the player to a competition, staking a sexual prize on victory. If the player accepts and does not choose to purposefully lose, victory is determined by their Dexterity stat; the more victories the player has won, the higher their Dexterity needs to be. Achieving maximum victory requires a Dexterity score in excess of 60.

Losing to Gwendy increases her Dominance meter, whilst defeating her will decrease it. Victory in a challenge unlocks player-dominant sexual scenes, whilst defeat unlocks Gwendy-dominant scenes.

Once a scene has been unlocked, it is added to Gwendy's sex menu and can be repeated at-will.

Gwendy Walkthrough


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