Gwendy's Farm

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While trekking along the rolling grasslands of the plains, you briefly wonder what else might lie out here, until you spot a foreign structure with a muddy pathway leading toward it. In the distance you see what appears to be an old and worn building. Although from here you are not sure what it is, you feel compelled to go out there and have a look.

The building is a fair distance away, and you vaguely wonder how much longer it will take you to reach it. Much to your relief, you reach the building quickly, and are immediately rewarded with its identity. It turns out to be a timeworn barn in apparent danger of collapsing, if the patchwork repairs are any indication.

  • To its sides, you see a variety of animals quietly grazing on the rather fertile-looking fields. Another look reveals various other life around, as well. The occasional equine and dog-morph tend to menial tasks, such as moving hay and sheaf, or watering cattle.
  • Following the girl into the barn, the first sight to strike you is the animals. It is almost like a zoo in here; horses, cows, sheep, and goats, alongside chickens, ducks, rabbits, and pigs. The collection is quite impressive and you say as much to Gwendy.
  • Loft: At the back of the barn, you see Gwendy standing next to a ladder leading to the upper floor, hay and straw jutting from the entryway. Gwendy begins climbing without a word, and you follow suit. Upon reaching the top, you are greeted with the homely sight of furniture spread somewhat clumsily around the place. There is a simple unmade bed with a rather worn, but comfy-looking, quilt resting atop it, and two pillows at the head. A pair of simple wooden drawers lie under the bed, and what looks to be the strap of a bra juts out from one of them. A dresser with a mirror sits close to a round wooden table with two chairs, and a small washtub is under the table filled with dirty dishes. A few essentials that come to mind, like a toilet, are missing, but you believe you saw an outhouse on the way here.


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