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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Orchid Dryad Female Unknown Mother Tree (Mother), Spirit (Sister) Unknown Unknown


A female dryad, daughter of Mother Tree.



Corrupted; Her skin is green and her wild hair a yet darker green, though you can see pulsing purple veins spreading like a spider web over her lithe form. Her back is a mass of vile, squirming tentacles, spreading out behind her many times her length.

Pure: The purified Orchid looks a lot less intimidating than when you fought her, though she still has a mass of tentacles sticking out of her back. The cute dryad has a lithe form standing at about five foot six, her breasts and hips rather modest compared to her voluptuous mother. Both her skin and hair are green in color, entwined with twigs and leaves. Her formerly black sclera have cleared, her eyes now a soft almond in color.


You first encounter Orchid while she's in a corrupted state. Losing to her leads to a Bad Ending.