Mother Tree

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“Welcome, Lifegiver!” she greets you. “How may I aid you?”


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Mother Tree Dryad Female Unknown Orchid (Daughter), Spirit (Daughter) Unknown Unknown


A female dryad, mother of Orchid and Spirit

As you draw closer, skirting around the spring, you are startled to find someone waiting for you - a tall woman with skin brown as bark, her long hair a flowing mass of green entwined with flowers and leaves. She is ‘clothed’ in vines and leaves, though they do little to cover her voluptuous form and enormous breasts. She is perched partway up the trunk of the tree, resting on top of a thick root.

You shake yourself to break away from her deep almond gaze, finally noticing the branches weaving into her back. The woman is clearly a dryad, part of the Mother Tree itself.



  • Herself
  • Orchid
  • Spirit
  • Lifebringer
  • Healing
    • She will completely heal and remove lust for you and your team mates.


Mother tree-235x300.png