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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Estevan Satyr Male Ranger Unknown Unknown Alder


Half man, half goat, the satyr’s lower body is covered entirely in thick, dark brown fur, his legs ending in hooves. The man is quite tall, and well built to boot, the olive skin on his arms taut with sinewy muscle. Short horns poke out of his black, curly hair, further evidence of his non-humanity. On his chin, he - amusingly enough - has a small goatee.


  • Nomads (Available from 15:00 - 3:00)


  • Ranger

Ask him about his job

  • Cheat in a game of Cavalcade

Play a prank on Cale (This is a one time event)


  • Oblige him
  • Taunt him