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Physical damage dealer that can debuffs enemies and use the powerful Set Trap ability.


Class Prereq Job Tier Job Type Resource Learned From
Ranger Fighter lvl 3 2 Physical SP Estevan


This job is acquired by talking with Estevan. While the job can be learned at any level, the character must reach at least level 3 of the Fighter job in order to switch to the Ranger job.


Name Description Type Target Unlocked
Ensnare Slows down an enemy by throwing a net at them. Debuff Single Level 2
Focus Strike Bypass defenses. Attack Single Level 4
Hamstring Nicks the target, making a lingering wound. Attack Single Level 6
Set Trap Sets a trap for an enemy. Buff Self Level 8
Swift Briefly boosts the caster's speed Buff Self Master Ranger Job


Mastering this job will award the character with the additional master ability: Swift