Rigard Merchants

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The streets in this area of the city are lined with small merchant stalls and shops of all kinds. People of all shapes and sizes wander the streets, browsing the wares on display.



  • Rigard Armor Shop/Twopenny's - You catch sight of a ramshackle shop tucked away into a cul-de-sac. An old, weather-beaten sign swings over the entrance with “Twopenny's Used Protectives” printed on it in faded paint. The door leading in is open, although light doesn't get very far in.

  • Rigard Weapon Shop/The Pale Flame - Off to the side of the main street, you spy a modest brick building, clean and definitely looking in its place along the main merchants’ row. The windows are heavily barred, but the door is wide open and a small sign in the shape of a flame-wreathed blade announces the establishment’s name: The Pale Flame.

  • Rigard Tailor Shop/Silken Delights - There is a large two floor shop in the center of the street, with two guards watching the large, well crafted doors. The fancy sign above the door reads Silken Delights, and there are many beautiful and intricately crafted articles of clothing on display in the windows. The clothing store seems large, and there are pretty decorations bordering the display windows. A decorated sign next to the door informs you that the shops business hours are from 9 to 20.

  • Rigard Magic Shop/Asche's Fanciful Trinkets - Off on a side street, a small, brightly lit building stands sandwiched between a barber shop and a bakery. The wide, glass-paneled shopfront has an impressive number of curios on display, and by the looks of it, there are many more on the shelves within. A small wooden sign in a slot in the door declares the shop to be open.

  • Odd Shop - One particular shop catch your eye. A garish sign hanging outside announce it the 'Shoppe of oddities', though from just the exterior, it is a bit unclear what is actually on sale.