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The Pale Flame


Open 8am to 5pm (17:00)

You’re standing on the shop floor of The Pale Flame. Racks upon racks of implements of assorted death stand in lines and hang on the walls, each and every one of them dust-free and labeled with their name and make. Stabbing, impaling, bludgeoning, crushing, bleeding out, slashing - you name it, and it’s likely Cassidy that has it on display on the floor.

At this hour in the morning, most of Cass’ customers are here on contracted orders rather than walk-in purchases. With how many runners are coming in and out the front door, it sure seems like the salamander’s doing a brisk business. You count amongst them a few members of the City Watch, but most of the standing orders appear to be for mercenary outfits you don’t quite recognize.

The shop itself is kept impeccably neat and organized. Walls of white, faded brick have been kept absolutely spotless, giving the shop a simple charm of its own; no additional decorations are required, for Cassidy’s creations are works of art in and of themselves. You catch sight of a cruel-looking dagger with a serrated edge and a gilded hilt. Amethysts have been set into sockets on the hilt, and though the steel blade is sharp, it fails to catch the light as you look upon it from different angles.

A few words have been etched into a plaque attached to its rack:

At your hip,

I you keep.

In your hand,

Lives I reap.


Tearing your eyes away from Cassidy’s wares, you turn your attention to the rest of the storefront. The counter is there, nestled by the door, but Cassidy isn’t there most of the time anyway. Where the salamander is tends to be by the forge, a massive stone cylinder ringed with runes, although whether they serve any practical purpose or are just for show, only Cass knows. A stone hood channels the smoke away, and a strange foot-operated mechanism works the bellows to feed the flames.

Of course, the forge isn’t alone - there’s also an anvil, a quenching trough, and a small holding rack for Cass’ tools, amongst other things. Even when not in use, there’s a sense of intense heat which lingers about the forge, keeping would-be meddlers away from the salamander’s workspace.

Last but not least, there’s a small door in the back wall, which no doubt leads to Cass’ living quarters.




Name Buy Price Sell Price Stats
Dagger 75 15 atkmod 0.1, dex+1, pierce 1
Greatsword 500 100 atkmod 1, str+4, slash 1
Halberd 575 115 atkmod 0.3, defmod 0.3, slash 0.5, pierce 0.5
Heavy Flail 625 125 atkmod 0.5, defmod -0.1, dex+2, str+2, blunt 0.8, pierce 0.2
Oak Spear 425 85 atkmod 0.2, defmod 0.2, pierce 1
Rapier 375 75 atkmod 0.1, dex+2, pierce 1
Short Sword 250 50 atkmod 0.1, str+1, slash 1
Staff 75 15 int+1, blunt 1
Warhammer 625 125 atkmod 0.6, dex-1, str+4, blunt 1,


The shop's stock changes daily.