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Asche's Fanciful Trinkets


Stepping into the interior of the brightly-lit shop to the jingle of chimes, you are immediately surrounded by the scent of sandalwood and jasmine. Its source is easily identified: a large, porcelain, pig-shaped incense burner hanging from the ceiling by a trio of stout chains. The smell is jarring at first, but rapidly fades into the background as your nose gets used to it, and you have to admit, it definitely sets the mood of the little store.

A hefty portion of the merchandise on display consists of antiques, knick-knacks, and gewgaws of all shapes, sizes and colors, most of them small pieces of jewelry supposedly charmed for one purpose or another - one to ward off illness, another to bring wealth, and yet another to make one appear more attractive. You doubt that most of them actually work, or at least function in the way that they’re intended to; nevertheless, each item has a small placard in front of it, detailing exactly what it does.

On display at the front of the shop today is a rather plain-looking sword fashioned from ensorcelled glass. The item’s description states that glass swords were once widely known as terribly dangerous weapons, capable of dealing grave blows and felling even the mightiest of foes with a single stroke. The trade-off was that each weapon could only be used once, as striking an enemy often meant the blade shattering into pieces - the broken shards were designed to dig into an enemy’s flesh.

This was not a problem on these weapons’ home plane due to their mass production and the abundance of glass, but where they were brought by trade, glass swords were known to be as rare as they were deadly.

Other trinkets are kept in a large wooden bin by the entrance, a jumbled heap of odds and ends that manage to look appropriately mystical despite their cluttered state. No doubt these are the cheaper pieces of stock that simply won’t sell, and a label says they’ve been marked down in price; the proprietress is clearly someone who doesn’t believe in just throwing things out.

Last but not least is a small corner dedicated to alchemy, with racks upon racks of potions on display, each and every one of them in stoppered glass vials. Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately, depending on one’s point of view - there aren’t any transformatives on sale. There’s also a small alchemy laboratory, which must be where the products are concocted. It’s fully equipped, not one of the makeshift rigs so beloved of amateur alchemists everywhere.

A large warning sign is up by the door: “Shoplifters will be -”, the last word blurred and faded to illegibility with age. Somehow, the missing word just makes the penalty sound more ominous.

  • Sitting behind the counter, Asche lazily sways her tail from side to side as she surveys those in the store.


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