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“Asche loves to feel treasured, yes yes, but even though she is magical, she is not for sale.”


Asche is a lusciously full-bodied jackal-morph, her limbs and figure slender, her chest and hips exotically full. Clothed in a pure white sari that exposes her midriff’s soft deep golden-brown fur, the jackaless is quite the sight to behold. Large, pointy ears peek out from the hood of her snow-white shawl, constantly alert and swiveling this way and that. Stray strands of dirty blond hair streaked with black gather around her chin and shoulders as she levels her narrow, dark eyes at you.

Illuminated by the crystal lamp on the counter, the jackaless’ fur looks absolutely soft and strokable, lustrous, and appropriately mystical. To say it’s practically spun gold wouldn’t be too far off the mark - Asche clearly puts a lot of work into ensuring she’s presentable for her clientele. A faint scent of jasmine hangs about her person, alluring and exotic.

True to her customers’ expectations, Asche wears far too much makeup - particularly in the eyeshadow and liner department - and has adorned herself with gold and silver jewelry to the point that she clinks and clanks when she moves. Bangles line her wrists and ankles, numerous small rings have been set into her large ears, and there’s even an exquisite chain of gold filigree resting on her hips, tiny shards of topaz and amber worked into some of the links.



Asche is the owner of the Rigard Magic Shop.


  • Shop
  • Magic
  • Herself
  • Her Sister
  • Stock
  • Tasks


Fortune Telling

Asche will tell your fortune for 10 coins. The PC may ask to have how this works explained to them, or pick an option. Asking Asche for a simple fortune will produce some general fluff, but asking her to read your fate may provide important hints as to what the PC should do next, as well as allowing for glimpses into future and as yet unimplemented content.

The Magic Box

For 100 coins you can randomly get items from weapons to ingredients for potions. You are not guaranteed any payout, and a considerable number of options are merely fluff. However, it is the only current way in the game that you can get more glass swords, which are incredibly powerful consumables.

Possible rewards

  • Random potions from shop inventory.
  • Alchemy ingredients.
  • A potion that either restores SP and drains lust, or vice versa.
  • Glass swords (up to 3 may be carried at a time).
  • A trashy novel (equippable).


Asche gives you quests in the form of "tasks".

For the tasks to trigger, you must have bought at least 500 coins' worth of goods for each additional task, and completed the last one in the list. Coin spent may be in the form of goods purchased, or playing the magic box. Enabling debug mode and getting items for free does not count towards the coin spent.

  • Fresh Ginseng quest.
  • Help Asche find some nightshade.
  • Asche would like you to investigate a highland spring and collect some water for her.

After each task, Asche will offer the player the additional reward of either some money or sex with her.


After each task you can:

  • Fuck her
  • Get oral
  • Give oral
  • Titfuck
  • Milk
  • Tribbing

Sex with Asche can only be initiated after having completed tasks and yields a considerable amount of Sex XP. For certain tasks, there may be special scenes offered. These are one-time offers and may require special conditions to be accomplished during the task.

  • Task 3 reward - magical threesome