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One of the player's eight main stats, Allure determines how much Lust you inspire in your foe when using the Tease command in combat.

Actions that grant Allure experience include:

-Using the Tease command in combat (repeatable)

-Enduring an attempt to seduce you by an enemy in combat (repeatable)

Allure-gated actions include:

-Seducing Cassie (10 required)

-Learning parasite related skills from Mistyra (10,20, and 30 required)

Items that affect your Allure while equipped include (Except Lust Doll Plus):

Item Name Equipped Slot Allure Modifier
Blindfold Head +1
Bloomers Lower Body +1
Booty Shorts Lower Body +1
Boxers Lower Body +1
Bra Upper Body +1
Cat Ears Headband Head +1
Cupless Bra Upper Body +1
Gothic Lolita Shoes Feet +1
Gothic Lolita Skirt Lower Body +1
Gothic Lolita Top Upper Body +2
Hair Bow Head +1
Hair Ribbon Head +1
Layered Dress Lower Body +1
Panties Lower Body +1
Pleated Skirt Lower Body +1
Skirt Lower Body +1
Vibrator Panties Lower Body +3