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Cassie, in the warehouse

A catgirl down on her luck.


Meet her:

Can be done before reaching New Ark city.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-You'll find her in the lower right warehouse in the starting town.

-After she gives you the directions to New Ark city, talk to her again, and ask to be her friend.

Discover her secret:

Can be done anytime after reaching New Ark city.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-With 8+ Nimble stat, go to the milk store in the Northwest section of New Ark city, and pick the door's lock.

-Go downstairs and fight the boss battle.

-Decide whether to keep it open or not.

-Visit the Don in New Ark slums.

-Return to Cassie,

-Depending on option chosen, a fight may occur. +12 Empathy can convince her to go, and +10 in all base stats can tempt her into going.

Bad End Possible! Choosing an option which causes a fight and loosing will trigger a Bad End!

-If peacefully talked down or incapacitated, sequence cuts back to the Don's place.

-After, you can purchase her by first visiting the Slave House and speaking to the clerk there about her, returning to the Don and asking him about her, then again returning to the Slave House. The price she is purchased for may vary depending on your actions; as of update r20.3, she was purchased for 100 credits after refusing the Don twice and convincing Cassie to go with +12 Empathy.

Find her again:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

Can be done anytime after Cassie runs away.

- [Optional. If you already know the way, you can head directly to Desert Town] Complete Rinny and Pixie's Route in Transylvania. Get the map to Desert Town from a man outside the Mansion.

- Navigate to Desert Town in the Desert, using the directions provided by the map.

- Enter the house near the top left of Desert Town

- To find the item to cure Cassie, beat the Sunken Pyramid dungeon. Find directions to it by following a map you can buy at the Desert Town Marketplace.

Special Events

Force her to change clothes:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

Can be done anytime after rescuing Cassie and buying her clothes.

- Ask Cassie to switch her clothes three times in a row. When she refuses, make her do it.