Counterfeit Pass

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Counterfeit Passes are used to enter Upper New Ark. There are 4 different Counterfeit Passes sold at the Black Market for 100 Credits each:

Wrinkled, Gnarled, Rough, Shabby

Only 1 works and if you use the wrong one you will be arrested and have all your passes confiscated.

Note, they won't be for sale until you know that they're there.

How to get passes to be sold:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

You need to do Fawn's route. Eventually, someone will reveal that passes are being sold there, after which they'll be for sale.

Finding out which pass to use:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

If you have completed Cassie's route for Don, he will show you which Pass to use since it is random per game.