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One of the player's eight main stats, Speech... well, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if it does anything on a system level other than be gated for some actions.

Actions that grant Empathy experience include:

-Freeing Rinny in the Forest Park (+5, non-repeatable) -Rescuing scientists from the Science Lab Tower (+20, non-repeatable)

-Playing with the Pixie_Trio in Forest Park (+3, repeatable) -Taking a Social Studies course at UNA College (+40, repeatable, costs 100)

Empathy-gated actions include:

-Convincing Cassie to go with you peacefully (12 required)

Items that affect your Empathy while equipped include (except Lust Doll Plus):

Item Name Equipped Slot Speech Modifier
Bangles Hands +1
Chain Necklace Neck +1
Gold Pendant Neck +1
Gothic Lolita Skirt Lower Body +1
Heels Feet +1
Layered Dress Lower Body +1
Shadow Boots Feet -1
Shadow Dress Upper Body -1
Shadow Sleeves Hands -1
Shibari Rope Upper Body (blocks Lower Body) +1
Snow White Dress Upper Body (blocks Lower Body) +3