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Fawn in schoolgirl uniform

A college student living in New Ark City, with a secret hobby.


Meet her (spoilers)

  1. Buy the apartment (requires 500 credits.)
  2. Be decently dressed (no exposed nudity, no obscene clothing.)
  3. Sleep in your apartment.

Can be done any time after reaching New Ark city.

Discover her secret (spoilers)

  1. Visit her several times, until she leaves you alone in her apartment.
  2. Search the nightstand beside her bed.
  3. Visit the Torture Rack Club in New Ark slums.

Club Scenes (spoilers)

  • Pony play: +40 Fight.
  • Tied escape: +40 Nimble.
  • Holding bar: +40 Perception.

Does This Look Infected (spoilers)

Hidden scene when visiting her with the body covered by parasites

Can be done after losing to a certain creature.

Disobedience (spoilers)

  1. Make her stay and miss class
  2. Visit her at her hobby
  3. Dont Run Away
  4. Go through scene (You need 24 tolerance to resist but you can just give up)
  5. Afterwards you wake up in your apartment, go back down to the club and talk to NPC by where Fawn usually spawns.
  6. Figure way into Upper New Ark
  7. Go find her in the College
  8. Head to the Torture Rack. If you successfully endure, you will ascend time and space.

Once-Only Scenes (spoilers)

  • Candle wax / Breast abuse
  • Ass spanking
  • Tickle torture

Can be done after she goes to sleep.

Can be done any time after meeting her.