Flower Spirit

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Species Flower/Plant


Random encounter. Found in Forest Park.

Upon Encounter

As you pass by a particularly large flower, it opens up, revealing a small lady inside.

"Hello traveller, care for a whiff?"

She presents a blue flower to you.

Encounter Options

Sniffing the flower option:

You stoop down, and smell her blue flower. A strange sensation washes over you.

You feel much healthier.

"Hope you liked it!" She giggles, disappearing into the bushes.

There is a chance to receive "Lust: Highly Aroused"

Sniffing her flower regenerates 20 or more health

Refusing her flower option:

"Aw, that's no fun. Don't be such a spoilsport!"

Suddenly, her plants come to life, reaching your way!

She makes you fight her

Fighting Phase

Player Victory dialogue:

"No fair..."

Sighing disappointedly, she disappears back into the woods.

Raising her lust to 100% triggers the victory dialogue above.

Player Defeat dialogue:

"Yay, I won!"

[Insert Lengthy Paragraph Here]

"You know, I really think you should give my flowers a chance. I think you'll enjoy them!"

No matter the outcome of the battle (winning or losing) you can still encounter her later on.

Dropped Items

Upon defeating her you gain the item "Chewy Vine"