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A tropical island inside of a painting, where sex battles take place.


Get to the Island:

Can be done any time after reaching Upper New Ark.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

- Head to the art gallery in Upper New Ark, and pay 100 credits for a adult pass.

- Head behind the front desk and talk to the receptionist. The security guards will change position after you do this.

- Head to the room at the bottom left of the art gallery, pass the guard rail at the bottom left, and and walk to the centre of the statue.

- When asked to pay for the damages, say you cannot afford it.

- Head to the middle room at the bottom of the art gallery, and sit on the bench next to the wall.

Sex Battle Trivia

- It is impossible to run from an encounter.

- Characters who can appear in Sex Battles are Cassie, Fawn, Linda, Mistyra, Rinny and Sammy. The three chosen are random.


Spoilers! Click to reveal: