Lawson's Clothing Brands

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Lawson's Clothing Brands is a clothing store in the New Ark Underground Mall that offers a wide variety of simple, practical clothing options. It sells the following:

Item Name Variants Price
Boxers Blue, Heart, and Orange 10 credits
Jeans Blue and White 25 credits
Scarf Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, and Red 8 credits
Socks Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and White 3 credits
T-Shirt Blue, Gray, Green, and Red 8 credits
Undershirt Blue, Orange, Red, and White 5 credits
Wide Neck Shirt Blue, Gray, Green, and Red 15 credits
Wide Neck Tee Blue, Gray, Green, and Red 13 credits
Windbreaker Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink 20 credits