Lost Laboratory

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How to reach the lab:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

1. Finish Linda's route

2. Ask Linda to go with you to the Ruined Lab

3. One of the scientists at the Science Lab Tower wanted a plushy. Talk to her.

4. Go to Upper New Ark by doing Fawn's route.

5. Do the college professor's sidequest to get access to the Gallery party.

6. The person you're looking for will be at the party, and he'll tell you how to reach the lab.

Orb Maze:


4 Switches puzzle:


Spoilers! Click to reveal:

It's based off cardinal directions.


Spoilers! Click to reveal:

Look for one of the follow keywords in the clue, then press the switches in the following order.

"sisters" up down right left

"stomaches" right up down left

"wands" down up left right

Door Switches Puzzle Answer:

Doors (Alternative)

Room of Pillars Answer:


Defeating the CPU:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

If you can make your way to it without reaching max lust, it can be easily beaten with health/energy attacks.

Otherwise, you'll need to rely on your lust based attacks. The CPU only has one attack that will instantly KO the player. Right before it uses it though, it will give a certain message. If you guard when you see this message, you'll dodge the instant KO attack each time.