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A demonic woman capable of controlling meat parasites.


Meet her:

Can be done any time after reaching New Ark city.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-While having 8+ Senses stat, explore the Wilderness, until you find a suspicious clearing. Pass the stat check to unlock the Deserted Base.

-Mistyra can be found as a rare random encounter in the lower areas of the Deserted Base (the ones that are infected.)

-Remember you can press D to automatically trigger an encounter.

Get a bad end with her:

Can be done after any time after meeting her.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-Become infected by one of the random encounters in the area.

-Have at least 15+ Tolerance stat.

-Beat Mistyra, and pursue her.

-Repeat this 4 more time, without leaving the Deserted Base.

Get revenge on her:

Can be done after completing the Science Lab Tower event, and only if you've been captured by her at least once.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-Obtain the ingredients for Parasite Sedater. Requires 3 Slime Residue, 2 Worm Tooth, 2 Chewy Vine, 1 Sparkling Extract.

-The Sparkling Extract can be found in the Forest Park cave. You'll need to know Electric Shock (the second magic spell taught to you by Rinny.)

-Once you have the Parasite Sedater, return to Deserted Base, and defeat Mistyra. Choose the new option.