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One of the player's eight main stats, Mystic determines how effective spells used via the Magic command are in combat, and also which spells you may learn.

Spells currently in the game include:

-Electric Shock (Taught by Rinny)

-Drain Kiss (8 Mystic required, taught by Rinny)

-Cute Smile (11 Mystic required, taught by Rinny)

-Fast Travel (requirements currently unknown [possibly knowing all three of Rinny's spells], taught by Pixie)

-Dark Tentacles (requirements currently unknown, taught by Pixie after learning Fast Travel)

Actions that grant Mystic experience include:

-Casting spells via the Magic command in combat (repeatable)

-Practicing Magic at the Succubus Tower in Transylvania (+10, repeatable)

Mystic-gated actions include:

-Resisting the mirror in the crypt (12 required)

Items that affect your Mystic while equipped include (except Lust Doll Plus):

Item Name Equipped Slot Mystic Modifier
Cross Earring Ears +1
Diamond Earring Ears +2
Diamond Stud Ears +2
Gothic Lolita Hat Head +2
Gothic Lolita Shoes Feet +2
Gothic Lolita Skirt Lower Body +1
Gothic Lolita Top Upper Body +2
Jewel Earring Ears +2
Pearl Stud Ears +1
Ring Earring Ears +1
Side Fox Mask Head +1
Veil Mask Face +1
Visor Face +1