Naughty Kitty

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Naughty Kitty is a clothing store in the New Ark Underground Mall that sells light fetish and kink accessories. It sells the following:

Item Name Variants Price
Blindfold Blue, Brown, Green, and Red 3 credits
Booty Shorts N/A 46 credits
Cat Ears Headband N/A 25 credits
Cow Bell Collar N/A 120 credits
Cow Ears N/A 80 credits
Cow Sleeve N/A 80 credits
Cow Sleeve Shoes N/A 120 credits
Cow Top N/A 200 credits
Cow Undies N/A 150 credits
Dildo N/A 50 credits
Police Boots N/A 68 credits
Police Glove N/A 30 credits
Police Hat N/A 46 credits
Police Top N/A 56 credits
Whip N/A 45 credits
Vibrator Panties Blue, Green, Pink, and White 50 credits