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Pixie, the witch

A quiet crypt keeper in Transylvania.


How to meet her:

Can be done after opening up Succubus Tower.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-Take Rinny with you, and go through the Graveyard.

-Enter the Crypt.

-Once you progress far enough, you'll be trapped and unable to leave. After this, you can meet Pixie via one of the following three methods:

1. Surrender to the Grave Hands random encounter.

2. Check (and get captured by) the haunted tomb inside the crypt.

3. Find her lair in the graveyard, hidden beneath one of the tombstones. Look for a brown path leading to it (Only a few areas after flying into the graveyard with Rinny))


Spoilers! Click to reveal:

During the questline, she provides you with the choice to either take a piece of a Maid's Outfit or Butler's Tuxedo as a disguise to infiltrate the manor. You can obtain more pieces for both outfits from servants throughout the manor.

Learn magic from her:

Can be done any time after completing the Manor route.(not avaible in LDP (Lust Doll Plus)

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-After beating the Manor boss, ask Pixie to teach you magic. She can teach you Fast Travel. Then she will ask if you are going to delve in magic too deeply. The answer doesn't matter.

-Pixie can teach you up 3 spells after hitting level 15.

>Fast Travel <0 lust>(Mystic 13+) - Adds fast travel points all over the world
>Dark Tentacles <12 Lust> (Mystic 13+) - Adds failure chance for enemy's attacks, 5-6 rounds cooldown
>Gravity Well <15 Lust> (Mistyc 18+) - Damages for 10% of enemy's health.