Succubus Tower

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A secret society of succubi and incubi hidden within Transylvania.

Main characters found here: Rinny

Where to find:


Spoilers! Click to reveal:

Pay attention to where the random encounter succubi in Transylvania go after you beat them.


Spoilers! Click to reveal:

Check the west wall of the southwest part of Transylvania. You'll need to have saved Rinny to be granted access.

On the 3rd Floor is where you can buy the Bondage Horse. (Need to have unlocked Private Dungeon first.)

They have an operation table to change your Dick, Pussy, Breasts, and Balls for 500 each operation.

"Succubus Tower" has a small store on the 4th floor thats specializes in fetish and sexy clothing:

Item Name Variants Price
Braless Negligee Pink, Purple, Green, and White 55 credits
Crotchless Panties Pink, Purple, Green, and White 25 credits
Lacy Stockings Pink, Purple, Green, and White 25 credits
Bondage Belt Top N/A 60 credits
Bondage Belt Sleeves N/A 20 credits
Bondage Belt Panties N/A 46 credits
Bondage Belt Boots N/A 88 credits
Succubus Sleeves N/A 33 credits
Succubus Panties N/A 55 credits
Succubus Boots N/A 86 credits
Succubus Straps N/A 99 credits
Gimp Glove N/A 40 credits
Gimp Gas Mask N/A 110 credits
Gimp Hood N/A 100 credits
Gimp Hood Straps N/A 100 credits
Gimp Suit N/A 300 credits