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A run down town plagued by dark things.

Has a shop after a certain story event.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-Vania Goods shop opens after Rinny's route

Item Name Price
Shadow Sleeves 32 credits
Shadow Dress 125 credits
Shadow Boots 80 credits
Ninja Mask 5 credits
Medicant 15 credits
Energy Drink 15 credits
Lust Tonic 10 credits
Chill Drink 10 credits

How to find Succubus Tower:


Spoilers! Click to reveal:

Pay attention to where the random encounter succubi go when you beat them.


Spoilers! Click to reveal:

Check the left wall in the lower left part of town. Note, you'll also need to have saved Rinny in the Forest Park.

How to enter graveyard:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

1. Rescue Rinny in the Forest Park 2. Go to Succubus Tower and bring her with you 3. Check the graveyard gates in the northeast part of town.

Important landmarks: Succubus Tower, Graveyard

Main characters found here: Rinny

Random encounters: Succubus Student, Succubus Teacher