All-Natural Self-Stimulation Belt

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The all-natural self-stimulation belt is a key item that can be purchased from Giacomo for 40 gems.

This is an all-natural self-stimulation belt. The methods used to create such a pleasure device are unknown. It seems to be organic in nature.

The all-natural self-stimulation belt can be used while masturbating by characters with a vagina. Masturbating with the belt slightly decreases libido and increases sensitivity, in addition to the usual lust loss. Every use past the first also increases the characters corruption by 1.5 points.

Bad End

If a character with 100 corruption (including the increase from using the belt) masturbates with the all-natural self-stimulation belt, they will become permanently addicted to the orgasms it provides, leading to a bad end. Giacomo arrives, and observing the character in their state of constant orgasm, decides to exhibit them as a 'One Woman Show'.