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Key items are Items worn outside of inventory system and as such can't be dropped - only used at the appropriate time.

List of Key Items


  • Breast Milker - Can be retrieved from the Demon Factory by a suitably intelligent PC, or bought by a milky PC off of Whitney at her Farm for 250 gems.
    • Breast Milker - Installed At Whitney's Farm - can be obtained by giving Whitney the breast milker, or can be purchased for 250 gems by heavily lactating characters. Allows the character to milk their breasts at the farm.
  • Centaur Pole - a key item that Whitney will give to a centaur PC with a vagina. A masturbatory aid suited for female centaur's needs.
  • Cock Milker - Can be assembled from pieces in the factory's repair closet by character with 40+ intelligence or bought from Joey for 200 gems. To be used it needs to be given to Whitney to be set up, replacing it with 'Cock Milker - Installed At Whitney's Farm'.
    • Cock Milker - Installed At Whitney's Farm - obtained by giving Whitney the cock milker. Allows the character to milk their or Jojo's cock(s) at the farm.
  • Demonic Strapon - given to female characters by Vapula so she could be properly fed.
  • Deluxe Dildo - given to female characters by Tamani. Unlocks a new masturbation option, and several monster defeat scenes.
  • Dual Belt - Masturbation toy for herms. Bought from Giacomo.


  • Camp - Chest - Found in the Desert, becomes a Camp item. Allows the player to keep up to 6 items in storage.
  • Dragon Eggshell - Obtained by choosing to destroy the dragon egg found in the swamp or asking for it from Ember with high affection. Can be made into a shield in Tel'Adre.


  • Harpy Key A
  • Harpy Key B
  • Jojo's Talisman - Given to the player by Jojo if a follower and Hollicynthea is allowed to grow to maturity. Jojo then leaves the camp.
  • Marae's Lethicite - can be stolen from Marae, provided the character overloaded the valves at the factory and corrupted her. May be used up to three times to provide a variety of magical bonuses.
  • Laybans - Found after beating your doppelganger in Lethice’s Stronghold. Used to pass the room full of basilisks in Lethice's Stronghold without being halted.
  • Nieve's Tear - Given as a memento after your snow lover melts after the winter event.
  • North Star Key - Received from Carol after giving her the crank-key for North (yearly event)
  • Onyx Token - Ceraph's - Obtains from Ceraph when she is a follower, if the PC chose to carry the token instead of a belly-button piercing.
  • Ruby Heart - Gain the Slime Core perk, then lose your slime body. If you get a slime body and become liquid dependent again, it will return to being a slime core and give the Slime Core perk again.
  • Spare Key to Urta's House - Gotten when Urta gives birth.
  • Stone Statue Lethicite -Obtained when you defeat the Stone Statue in the Stronghold
  • Super Reducto - Given to the player by Rathazul when "Bath Slut' is brought to stay at the camp. 1st use reduces her breasts to HHH. 2nd use reduces them to DD's.
  • Traveler's Guide
  • Zetaz's Map - Found after beating Zetaz in the Deep Cave. Will allow the player to find the final dungeon.