Deep Cave

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The Deep Cave lies within the Deepwoods. It cannot be found until and unless the Demon Factory is completed, as it is the dungeon associated with the second of the game's mandatory Quests. The player may find it at random by visiting the Deepwoods, after which it is added to the Places menu.


The Cave

To lose an encounter within this area results in a bad end, much the same as within the first dungeon. Additionally characters cannot masturbate inside the deep cave, and the encounters here are very strong. The Deep Cave is, as the name suggests, a cavern deep in the forest. After his disgrace at the hands of the Player Character at the start of the game, and the subsequent destruction of the Demon Factory operation, Zetaz the Imp has fled into the wilderness, gorging himself on lethicite and transforming himself into an Imp Lord. Now a renegade from the main demonic forces, he and a band of other imps have established a nest for themselves in this cave, and the player must root them out in order to find a way to challenge the leader of the demons.

The cave itself is a large, natural formation, its wide mouth narrowing as the player ventures deep inside. The signs of the imp's presence makes itself felt soon, as once the tunnel grows narrower, the floor grows noticeably smooth, culminating in the erection of a crude brick wall and a wooden door built into it. The character may continue north through this door, or head south to leave the cave and go back to camp.

Directly behind the door is the gathering hall, where the imps come to eat and socialize. Crudely hacked from the surrounding stone, tool marks are visible all around; the same lack of care is also evident in that the two tables which dominate the room have had their legs hacked off with axes to make them shorter, the crude craftsmanship of the chairs that surround the tables, the battering the tables have taken, and the many stains and chewed, half-rotten bones left on their surfaces. When the player first enters here, they are accosted by the Imp Horde - the roughly two dozen imps who reside here under Zetaz's leadership.

When the Imp Horde is defeated, the player locates a set of Nurse's Outfit and three doors are revealed; one to the north, one to the east, and one to the west. The north door is locked and won't budge, leaving only the eastern and western doors valid.

The western door leads to a huge cavern, the floor of which is covered with a huge, spongy, leaf-shaped fungus, shiny purple in color and giving off a strange, sweet scent. About twenty or thirty feet from the entrance, the player can see a humanoid skeleton, with a Jeweled Rapier sitting not close by. They can either go back to the gathering hall, or they can advance and try to get the sword. If they do, then the fungus attacks them by encapsulating them. If the player has the ability to fly, they can attempt to fly to the sword, although there is still a chance the fungus will catch them. This Encapsulation Pod is an extremely tough opponent; the player must be able to inflict roughly 400 to 500 damage within four rounds of combat, or else they will automatically lose... However, if they have a massive milk or cum production amount, or the "Feeder" perk that comes from using LaBova and ProBova, or if they are genderless then they will avoid the bad end, as the fungus will be overwhelmed by their fluid output and fall docile, allowing them to retrieve the sword and leave.

The eastern door from the gathering hall leads to a filthy torture room. Here, the player finds Vala, a fairy who has been captured by the imps and warped through their alchemy into a sex slave. She has been stuffed with growth elixirs to boost her height until she is imp-sized, at around 4 feet tall, and sports breasts that on a human-sized being would be DD-cups. Vala is kept imprisoned in a set of manacles that leave her imprisoned in a half-kneel, and it is very obvious that she has been repeatedly used as a sex toy for the demons. The player can either ignore her plight, try to free her, or simply use her for sex. If they free her, she immediately assumes that they want her for sex; her mind has been too broken by the imps to understand otherwise. If player has Pure Honey or the Pure Pearl, they can heal her; otherwise, their only option is to either have sex with her, or reject her - if they have sex, then Vala simply returns to her bindings afterwards, whilst rejecting her causes her to attack the player in a desperate mixture of lust and fear. Unless she is fed pure honey, the fairy remains in the dungeon after it has been cleared, and if she is fed pure honey, she later appears in Tel'Adre.

From the torture chamber, the player can head north through a secret tunnel; the tunnel curves around to the west and provides a secret entrance into Zetaz's personal chambers. A set of Bondage Straps have been abandoned in the tunnel; they will remain where they are until and unless the player picks them up.

Zetaz's chambers are extremely lavish; the stone walls are covered in stolen tapestries that each look to have been liberated from a unique source - judging by the variety of depictions and art styles, the lands of Mareth once had an incredibly diverse array of races and cultures. A pair of bright, smokeless lanterns hang from each wall, lit from within by obviously magical spheres of luminescence. Various pieces of stolen furniture decorate the room, surrounding a four-post bed decorated with masterfully done carvings of various carnal acts. The player is now able to unlock the door leading back to the gathering hall, but is then interrupted by the appearance of Zetaz himself. The Imp Lord is an extremely tough fight, combining an aphrodisiac potion similar to that of the Goblins with the ability to cast the Blind spell.

The Cave Aftermath

When Zetaz is beaten, the player is given the choice to sexually interrogate him, kill him and search his quarters, or barter his life for any information on the Demon Lord, who he refers to as "Lethice". If the player sexually interrogates him, then they bind his phallus with a leather strap and stroke him off until his orgasm denial has him desperately confessing where the map leading to Lethice's hideout is - the player can then release him (Zetaz orgasms so hard, with the player coaxing him further, that he passes out, only to regain consciousness and flee while their back is turned), tighten the strap (the player binds him tighter still and goes to search, but he escapes whilst the player is distracted), or end him (snapping his neck as per choosing to kill him in the first place). If the player chooses to kill him, then they calmly snap his neck and start searching through his belongings, eventually getting so frustrated they start smashing furniture until they find the map in the desk's wreckage. If they choose to barter, Zetaz can't believe his luck, but is quick to get the map and hand it over, explaining that as a renegade, he's on the outs with Lethice anyway, so he's got nothing to lose. As the player investigates, Zetaz packs his stuff and flees, terrified that the player may change their mind. Zetaz will leave a bottle of Bimbo Liqueur when defeated.

As the player leaves the cave, they see an incubus is now lounging around in the cave entrance; however, he's not hostile, and is in fact too busy throwing darts at a dartboard to see the player. The player can either investigate him, or simply leave - the incubus will be there and still playing when the player returns. The incubus explains he's an unusual demon, something of a renegade himself; giving his name as Sean, he's more interested in talking and selling strange, rare alchemical concoctions. He was originally going to offer his services to the imps in the cave, but he instead offers a bargain to the player; let him live in the cave entrance, and not only will he leave whatever is deeper inside the cave alone, he'll sell them his goods instead. The player can refuse (Sean simply nods in understanding and flees in case the player attacks) or accept. Sean will sell the player Numb Rocks, Sensitivity Draft, a Succubi Whip and Reducto.